Services Estimate
Free estimates, unless disassembly is required, then approx. $45.

Repair: Full-Service Gunsmith, we work on everything from flint-lock to full auto.

Cleaning Services: Deep cleaning includes; full tear down, inspection, replacement of worn or damaged parts, (upon approval, with extra charges) and function firing (by request). Normal cleaning costs around $70.00, more for very dirty guns and doubles. All makes and models of firearms are welcome.

Re-Barrel: We can fit all types of barrels, including Match Grade modifications.

Legal Modifications: We have extensive experience in modifications of many types of firearms. From a starter shotgun modification for fit, modifying a generic shotgun into a “house gun”, to full Match-Grade modifications for competition, for both rifles and pistols. No job is too large or too small. Contact us with any questions.

Stock Fitting: Modification to existing stocks include recoil pads, shortening stocks for younger or smaller shooters. Build up or thinning of fore ends, wrists and combs for better grip and fit.

Custom Stocks: We reproduce and create custom stocks. Turnaround is about six months depending on pattern, wood type and grade, bedding, finish, tips, caps, inlays, finish and checkering.

Parts Manufacturing: We create or replicate parts for firearms that are no longer in production, including springs, both V and flat, lifters, triggers, firing pins, extractors, etc. Setup rate is $35 + $80 per hour machine time.

Safety Inspection: Includes inspection of action, bore, operating system and safety systems. Overall safe operation of any firearm requires all of these systems to work compatibly with one another, an unsafe condition can result in injury to the owner and/or damage to the firearm. We strongly recommend getting inherited or long shelved firearms inspected for safety before use.

Appraisals: $20 and up. We offer appraisals for all firearms. Appraisals require that we have possession of the firearm(s) in order to fully examine the firearm for all markings, modifications, re-finish, boxes, hang tags, etc. Appraisals cannot be done over the phone, there are too many variables in grading firearms. In our prior location, we were recommended by the Plumas County (CA) Sheriff to appraise large estate collections for widows and families of collectors.